Midway Amateur Radio Club

WØKY - Kearney, Buffalo Co, Nebraska

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Welcome to the Buffalo County A.R.E.S. Midway Amateur Radio Club!

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.) is committed to helping the surrounding communities. We assist the community with:

  • Weather monitoring
  • Traffic control for area police and fire calls
  • Transmitting information
  • Working with local groups
We're based in Buffalo County, Kearney, Nebraska. If you would like to be an A.R.E.S. member, please use the contact form below.


  • President - Jan Parker (WAØLST)
  • Vice President - Lyle Jacobsen (WBØYIG)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Henry Angle (NØHA)



Frequency: 146.625 MHz

Offset: -0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: Club repeater. Located on county tower West of 30th Ave. Just South of 39th St.


Frequency: 147.000 MHz

Offset: -0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: This repeater is to be taken OUT OF SERVICE shortly per: Emergency Manager.


Frequency: 147.030 MHz

Offset: +0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: D-STAR Owned by Nebraska Emergency Management. Jan Parker WAØLST, trustee.


Frequency: 147.315 MHz

Offset: +0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: Linked repeater system. Owned and operated by Rich Floe NØVL & Jan Parker WAØLST. Located just West of 2nd Ave. / Just North of Menard's.


Frequency: 147.390 MHz

Offset: +0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: Owned & operated by Danny Baer KAØDBK. Located on water tower at 30th Ave & 39th St.


Frequency: 146.820 MHz

Offset: -0.6 MHz

Tone: 123.0

Notes: Located in Heartwell. Part of the linked system owned by the Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska and linked to NØLL in Kansas.


A.R.E.S. Net

Held on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM

Frequency: 147.315 MHz

Offset: +0.6 Mhz

Tone: 123.0

40m Chit-Chat

Held on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM

Frequency: 7.295 MHz LSB


* Click events for more information.


Emergency Coordinator: Jan Parker

Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Pat Kistler

Net control operators are BUSY with several radios, radar etc. Talk to us! -- but please: be brief---be concise---be calm---be SAFE

  1. Know WHERE you are all the time---watch the signs on intersections---be AWARE !!
  2. Life safety comes first!! Always report any "people" issues (you or others) immediately.
  3. Tornado on ground---funnel cloud w/debris high winds (remember wind speed rules)
  4. Hail: say size---use money, "balls" or inches
  5. PLEASE don't report the following: "I'm at and it's raining here"--unless it's heavy and could cause impassable roads or flooding.
  6. State the apparent storm's direction of travel. Advise net control to have EM sound sirens in a specific town if necessary (per Darrin)

Weather Watch Operations: Storm Spotters will be called out via:

  1. BUFFALOWATCH.NET (ALERT SYSTEM)-- a function of Buffalo Co. EMG. MGT.

Other disaster operations call out:

  2. 2 meter radio (see freq list)

Operations (other than Wx.):

  1. The Emergency Coordinator will determine who is available to respond and with what equipment.
  2. The EC will then contact the Kearney/Buffalo Co.
  3. Emergency Operations Center and find out where/ when A.R.E.S. services are needed.
  4. If A.R.E.S. services are requested the following information will be given to Emergency Management:
    1. How many volunteers available.
    2. Hams with vehicles (2x4 or 4x4) available
    3. Additional equipment available
  5. Buffalo County Emergency Management will make assignments for A.R.E.S. to carry out.
  6. Operations of the Hospital Amateur Radio will be at the discretion of the EC and Hospital Emergency Personnel.
  7. All emergency operations of A.R.E.S. will be coordinated by Buffalo Co. Emergency Management and the EC (AEC)

NON -Disaster (parades, etc.):

  1. Operations will be coordinated by any member for the club (with club's approval) and event staff.

In the event of wide spread loss of communications:

  1. Members will be instructed by the ECIAEC to set up communications where needed.
  2. When the EOC has been activated, the ECIAEC will be there to manage activities.
  3. Kearney fire station(s) will be provided a ham operator if needed.
  4. Good Sam Hospital Base Station could be activated, and could be used as Net Control Site if needed.
  5. All active members should be trained in:
    1. Weather spotting
    2. Traffic handling (taking messages on paper reports)
    3. NEMA courses
    4. Traffic control for parade and fire scenes
    5. Setting up emergency communications in shelters
  6. A.R.E.S members should have radio(s) and some sort of "GO KIT" ready at all times. Suggested contents include:
    1. Extra batteries, magnetic antenna and coax
    2. Proper ID: County or A.R.E.S. card
    3. Message forms, paper, and pencil/pen
    4. Flashlight, 2 or 3 D cell, extra batteries.
    5. Red traffic control wand or flag.
    6. Appropriate dress for venue. (I.e. rain gear, boots, and coveralls, hardhat as needed)
    7. High visibility vest or shirt
    8. Water and snacks and a small amount of money.
    9. Minimal small hand tools: 4-6 way screwdriver, cutter pliers, and black tape, ect.
  7. Glossary
    1. A.R.E.S. - Amateur Radio Emergency Service.
    2. EOC - Emergency Operations Center, (Buffalo County Jail basement)
    3. EM - Emergency Manager (county employee)
    4. NWS - National Weather Service.
    5. EC - Amateur Radio Emergency Coordinator.
    6. AEC - Assistant Emergency Coordinator.
    7. High Speed Notification - County operated system used to alert certain individuals quickly.


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